Sarah Menanix

Sarah Nix

E-mail: sarahnix "at" berkeley "dot" edu

About Me

Currently, I'm interested in middle school Algebra teachers' pedagogical strategies and their potential to influence students' beliefs about themselves as doers of mathematics, student engagement, and subsequent deep student understanding of mathematics, particularly for students previously identified as low-achieving. Specifically, I’m interested in studying the ways teachers can teach for a growth mindset by providing opportunities for students feel capable of engaging in challenging mathematics because they can increase their intelligence by working hard. My study aims to examine whether teaching for a growth mindset can afford opportunities that support previously low-achieving students in the context of a traditional Algebra course, and to what extent, if at all, the current the curriculum and standards influence the teacher's use of growth mindset strategies.

Relatedly, I'm interested in issues of policy and practice of remediation for secondary mathematics students in low-income previously underachieving urban classrooms. Specifically what strategies might be useful for mathematics teachers to raise the achievement of high school students who have a history of low achievement, while still maintaining rigor and problem solving in their classrooms? Finally, I am interested in how students’ beliefs about themselves as doers of mathematics and about the nature of mathematics influence their ability to solve non-routine problems.

Publications and Presentations